ur cute
but im cuter


gurl you already sent me one this morning

xingrens asked: happy birthday ♥ i love you :*

thank you renren, i love you more heheheh

sexyguykai asked: hApPy BiRtHdAy

u still suck sara

Anonymous asked: Am I too late? Happy B-Day!

thank you!!!! it’s still july 19th here, you’re not late ^_^

chrnqs asked: Happy birthday senpai!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you! first time someone calls me senpai ;;

Anonymous asked: Hello~ We don't talk, but I've been following you from the start and I just wanted to say how nice you are and your blog is amazing >.< Happy birthday and have a great day ^_^

Well, hello there cutie, are you like one of my first followers? :o
Thank you so much and come off anon so we can start talking!